Things to remember of NYC FW

Wendy Nichol

Hey guys, NYC FW' completed !
It was a strong week in several things so here are the most important points :


This year, fashion engages in causes, often political. We have seen it in several shows : for example at Public School with a direct reference to Donald Trump and his slogan "Make America Great Again", which gives at Public School "Make America New York" printed on crop tops and caps.


Yeezy Season 5

Yesterday, in NYC, Kanye West presented his new collection : Yeezy Season 5. In an atmosphere simple. Models were turning on a platform in backstages and a camera was filming at 360° all the looks. In the principal room, social medias were banned and silence was present.


miss summer in september

Hello !

Today a super fast post ! Just a little look pictured in July in Paris.
Pics were taken in little streets with houses ( XIV) and at Colonne de Buren ( I ).



hola !
Today a mood post on a new "revolution in my life".
It's not really a revolution but for me it's a big novelty in my life. Since 4 years, i make up myself everyday or almost when i go outside ( school or something else ).
Two years ago i invented the nmut ( literally : no make up today ). Nmut it's when you don't make up yourself a day.