Things to remember of NYC FW

Wendy Nichol

Hey guys, NYC FW' completed !
It was a strong week in several things so here are the most important points :


This year, fashion engages in causes, often political. We have seen it in several shows : for example at Public School with a direct reference to Donald Trump and his slogan "Make America Great Again", which gives at Public School "Make America New York" printed on crop tops and caps.

We also see the white bandana to protest against the "Muslim Ban", it has been worn everywhere, wether on shows or on public personality. Militant pins and feminist tee-shirts as well as protest signs were everywhere

Public School


I already mentioned this in my last article but total look denim is always fashion and has never been more present than at this FW. We saw it everywhere, at Kanye's show, at Raf Simons first show for Calvin Klein, also at Adam Selman. This trend is super actual, minimalist for some people and extravagant for others. You can mix jean with jean but an other color etc...

Yeezy Season 5


The pantsuit or powersuit made a noticed appearance during NYC FW. New York's models had paces of working girl during the week. The power suit has been declined in different designs : more or less wide, checkered or without motives. We saw it at Victoria Beckham's show, Calvin Klein and Eudon Choi. All fashioners wear it already.

Victoria Beckham

Bye, hope you will make fashion dream.

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