hola !
Today a mood post on a new "revolution in my life".
It's not really a revolution but for me it's a big novelty in my life. Since 4 years, i make up myself everyday or almost when i go outside ( school or something else ).
Two years ago i invented the nmut ( literally : no make up today ). Nmut it's when you don't make up yourself a day.

Now it's since 3 months that i'm in nmut everyday. I feel so much better, everyday, i just put mascara and i feel free. One day, i try to make up myself like i was doing before and i dont arrive because, my skin wasn't free. I felt bad and my skin wasn't breathing.
Now i understand that make up is not essential and every people are beautiful without make up. We don't need make up but some day put make up is so great, someday you just want to feel pretty and flawless and glowy and perfect.
Now i love being natural and i my skin feel it.
I think not wearing make up even just for a few hours is the best way to accept yourself and be positive.

So that was my mood post guy i hope you like it
bye ♡ 

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