miss summer in september

Hello !

Today a super fast post ! Just a little look pictured in July in Paris.
Pics were taken in little streets with houses ( XIV) and at Colonne de Buren ( I ).



hola !
Today a mood post on a new "revolution in my life".
It's not really a revolution but for me it's a big novelty in my life. Since 4 years, i make up myself everyday or almost when i go outside ( school or something else ).
Two years ago i invented the nmut ( literally : no make up today ). Nmut it's when you don't make up yourself a day.



hey, what's up ?
It' been a long time, a very very long time i didn't post on the blog but this time ( for the 74763535th time) it's my BIG RETURN !
No seriously guys, i'm gonna try to be present on the blog, to post and post and post.
I don't have any reasons in reality, just no inspiration, a lack of time, any good pics with a good quality, ...


welcome to cabourg

Hey guys
Welcome back on my blog for a new look.
I took this look when I was in Cabourg, Normandie.
It's a very simple and casual look.
So cool for the beach in april.


willow at chanel ?


3 days ago a news upset the fashion world.

WILLOW SMITH is officially the new egerie of the big and great super international brand,  I named CHANEL.


and its begin again ...

Hello ...
Hey ...
Bonjour ...
Hola ...
Hallo ...
Ni hao ... 

That's little bit weird to restart for the 3rd time my blog, but maybe this time is the good time.
The blog is gonna change, totally, and given way to a blog more focused on fashion with a capital letter F.
As the blog's orientation changes, the product is gonna changes.
First now it becomes in english languaga, the design changes and the posts change, more focused on fashion with outfits or FW news.  
And a little bit of lifestyle or how I live like posts on how to eat a real asiat meal in Paris.
So that's my new concept, I hope you're gonna love it !

By guys, love and fashion ♡